EVAC 2000B

Reliable, sturdy, easy


EVAC offers with the 2000B system a technically easy, reliable and sturdy solution for waste disposal. This system is highly robust as well as extremely easy to install, maintain and service. The toilet is pneumatically controlled. The 2000B system does not need electronic components. To generate vacuum in the waste water tank either train-bourne compressed air and an ejector are needed. Or the vacuum can created by EVACs vacuum motor.

The water consumption is extremely low: 0.5 to 0.7 per flush.

These features make the 2000B system ideally suitable for retrofitting as well as for modernization projects. Also the 2000B system is suitable for new installations and projects with high requirements of efficiency, quality and reliability.





How it works

  • By pushing the flush button the control panel is activated and a flush cycle is started
  • The toilet discharge valve opens, provided that sufficient vacuum is available
  • Several flush nozzles are dispersing the water evenly in the toilet bowl
  • Waste material will be drained via connected drain pipe inot the waste water vacuum tank
  • As soon as the timer is back in stand-by position, the discharge valve closes
  • A small amount of water is flushed into the bowl (water pool)
  • Flush sequence is completed
EVAC Compact / SGV

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Schematic Diagram


General Data