Integrated Door Gear Systems

Straight. Curved. Perfect. And built to last.

System Design

Available as both a straight and a curved Version and easy to customize, Evac’s electric door gear is always a perfect fit. In every respect, both versions and all their components have been designed to last. Special attention has been spent on keeping maintenance to an absolute minimum. For example, the use of special, wear-restistant materials contributes significantly towards smoothly gliding doors and an excellent user experience for extraordinary long timeframes without servicing. The built-in locking block includes latch detection within the installation space of the door gear itself.


The same level of excellence is evident in Evac’s built-in door control. Seamless integration with Evac’s Modular Logic Controler (MLC) removes the need for extra controllers and handles the smooth interplay of all components. This also helps to save space and to reduce the complexitiy of information processing. Easy adjustment of opening and closing parameters and system condition checks can be performed via full-text display or laptop. The system software easily copes with typical challenges such as obstacle detection and dirt intrusion. And of course, all units feature Evac’s rigid quality testing and full compliance with TSI-PRM standards.




Integrated Door Gear

Curved door gears







Controller components


Evac’s Modular Logic Controller (MLC) integrates the door gear seamlessly, making any extra door controllers redundant. By integrating the door gear control with the centralized system controller, the interaction of all components is managed smoothly, reducing complexity as well as space requirements for the entire system.


The MLC also offers efficient diagnosis, maintenance and updates via built-in webserver.

Manual Door Gear

Extremely light and robust, our manual door gear remains fully operational even in case of pneumatic pressure loss or power failure. Its parts and components are almost identical with the electric door gear, allowing for easy and cost-efficient maintenance and part replacement with one shared construction kit as well as advantageous economies of scale and optimum availability. It can be opened with minimal force (<60N) and is fully compliant with TSI PRM 2014.