System Overview

Made for rail and built to last: As the world’s first toilet
seat designed from scratch for on-board use in trains,
Evac SLOMO is an uncompromising combination of good
looks, functionality and ruggedness. Perfectly adapted to
the bowl shape used in Evac systems all over the world,
Evac SLOMO is guaranteed to score high in terms of both
customer satisfaction and lifecycle cost.
Its combined soft close and retain function – another first in
on-board hygiene – has been engineered and tested for
smooth operation even after very intense use. Dedicated
hygienic grips on both front sides of the lid ensure seamless
opening and closing, and assistance gaps in the back of the
seat provide additional support for wheelchair users.
The entire construction has been optimized with longevity
and resistance to vandalism in mind. Adding further value,
Evac SLOMO’s dirt-trap-free design and subconvex surfaces
that direct any spillages straight into the bowl make it as
easy to clean as it is to use.