Sensors, Displays and Buttons

Evac provides a wide range of Sensors, which ensures a consistently high degree of accuracy of Measurement. Evacs Sensors have been developted for high resistance to pollution especially remains of toilet tissues.

Displays, which provide a numerous configuration options, tailored to meet individual requirements.

Buttons with a wide range of display possibilities, extremely robust, flexible in application and easy to operate.

Liquid Level Guard


DIN EN 50155:2007 Railway applications –
A Electronic equipment used on rolling stock

DIN EN 50121 – 3-2:2006 Railway applications – Electromagnetic compatibility – Part 3-2: Rolling stock – Apparatus

DIN EN 61373:2010 Railway applications – Rolling stock equipment – Shock and vibration tests

Technical Data

Supply voltage
Ub = 12 to 33 V DC
Power requirement
< 35 mA

Output signal
Adjustable PNP/NPN; OUT1: max 100mA OUT2: max 100mA short-circuit proof, active

Input delay
< 1.0 s

Response time
< 1.0 s

Voltage drop
At II = 50 mA : < 1.0 V

Ambient temperature
-40 to +70° C (+85° C)

Degree of protection
IP 66

Process temperature
0 to +70° C (+85° C)