Control & Communication systems

Frictionless. Seamless. Made to measure

System overview

Sophisticated control & communication systems are at the heart of any advanced vacuum toilet solution. Steering the frictionsless interplay between all integrated system components and processing status information, system parameters and user input is essential, as is the seamless interaction with other on-train systems. With Evac, high availability, maintainability and easy integration go hand in hand.


Our made-to-measure approach to control & communication includes individual toilet controls, level sensors and human-machine interfaces (HMI) / displays as well as integrated cabin solutions with a centralized automation and control system. And, of course, it does not stop at the system itself, but also covers data transmission across train-wide system buses, living up to Evac’s reputation as the system integrator.

Modular Logic Controller (MLC)




EN 45545
Fire protection
EN 501212 – 3-2
EMC standard
EN 61131-3
Programmable logic controllers
EN 50128
Safety-related software standard
EN 50129
Safety-related hardware standard (communication, signalling and processing systems)
EN 50155
Electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications



Real-time monitoring of system activities


Evac’s dedicated Service and Maintenance Tool (S.A.M.T.) is the perfect way to monitor live and logged system data such as filling status of tanks, number of flushes , door functions and systems events. All data is presented in a clear, informative manner (diagrams, charts and tables can be individually customized according to clients‘ needs), and the event log file can be easily down-loaded for further analysis, providing an ideal basis for system optimization.

One central interface for service and maintenance


The S.A.M.T. allows to view and adjust I/O status and parameters of the entire cabin, including the vacuum toilet itself, door gear, waste water system and heating. In case of maintenance or malfunction, service flushes, decalcification, tank cleaning and other service, test and self-repair routines can be directly activated via S.A.M.T.

A System manual is embedded as standard. Tools for troubleshooting and guided services can be accessed by direct links.

Easy adaption to different service routines


As maintenance concepts and requirements vary between railway operators, the S.A.M.T. intervace has been designed for easy adaptions to different service routines and invironments. In addition to its function as the central information and service hub for the toilet cabin and all its components, the S.A.M.T. allows to view and update software versions of controllers and other system components.