Flush water additives

Flush water Additive


Evac Enviroclean

  • prevents deposit of minerals, chemicals and urea salt
  • prevents clogging of waste pipe
  • improves toilet availability
  • reduces maintenance cost
  • ensures proper bowl rinsing
  • keeps the bowl clean
  • reduces odours and provide fresh scent in toilet cabins
  • waste water can be safely dumped into local sewage without being harmful to biological cleaning stages in waste water treatment plants
  • pre-Treatment of this waste water is not necessary and no additional costs are generated for waste water management


Enviroclean Equipment

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How it works

  • A small quantity of the special formulated EnviroClean is injected to the rinse water of every toilet flush
  • Enviroclean solution prevents a desposit of minerals, chemicals and urea salts, so the waste pipes remain clean and clear. Because the Enviroclean system is installed directly behind the fresh water tank, it prevents a deposit of minerals, etc. on the toilet rinse nozzles, sliding gate valves, bowl and flush valves which increases reliability
  • As the solution is in every toilet flush cycle, this also ensures a continuous cleaning action, which prevents any build-up on toilets and waste pipes, reducing the level of maintenance required

Enviroclean Video

Enviroclean Video


General Data

  • Consumption: Approx. 0.2 ml per flush cycle
  • Duration: About 3 months / 7.500 flush cycles (1.500 ml / container)
  • Installation: Approx. 20 min / toilet system
  • Certification/ Registration available for EU
  • Biodegradable according to OECD test method 302 B
  • Environmental compatibility certificate