Evac Treatment Systems

A boost fo availability, reliability and lifespan

System overview


Designed and engineered as the ideal enhancement for all our vacuum toilet solutions, Evac treatment systems are just as easy to add as they are effective – no matter if they are used for upgrade existing systems or if they are integrated right at initial implementation.

All products in our treatment systems range complement each other perfectly and can be used individually as well as in combination. Their overall effect is to increase the value and lifespan of your Evac systems by making them even more robust, maintainable and sustainable. A genuine time and money saver, Evac treatment systems achieve a wide range of beneficial effects with minimal investment.





Greywater Re-Use

Our greywater re-use systems lower fresh water consumption significally by adding water used for hand washing to the water available for flushing – a genuine boost for system availability, welcome especially on long routes with limited water resupply, and a significant contribution to extend sustainability and lower cost.

Air and Water Filters

Available in several versions optimized for specific purposes, our filters are perfect and reliable tools for cleaning water as well as removing undesired odors from the air. The effect of the latter can be further increased by using our Enviroclean Fresh additive – resulting in a cleaner experience and maximized customer satisfaction which has been proven to decrease vandalism.

Flushwater Additives

Our Enviroclean / Enviroclean Fresh / EVAC Clean Eco additives boost hygiene as well as system longevity: When added to flush water, Enviroclean keeps pipes, valves and other toilet parts free from lime deposits so that they work both much better and much longer before replacement is needed. The effect can easily be adapted to varying degrees of water hardness.


Why to Re-Use Grey Water

By re-using grey water (e.g. after handwashing), the amount of fresh water needed for flushing can be dramatically reduced, saving one of the most valuable resources on board. The required system is easily retrofitted and allows for a markedly higher number of flushes (in cases of increased passenger numbers).

This does not only save weight (and, thus, energy consumption), it makes it also possible to go over longer interals without replenishing stops. With Evac treatment systems, grey water gets a „second chance“ and becomes almost as valuable as fresh water.