Evac 2000

One Tank. One Vacuum. Multiple Units

System design

With one centralized waste water tank, the Evac 2000 effortlessly services multiple toilet units – with all the reliability and efficiency that have become Evac’s trademark. Even with long pipes, risk of blockages is extremely low. Available as both a permanent vacuum and vacuum on demand solution, the 2000 is easily adaptable to almost any piping layout and setting. Toilet units can be configured in sit-down, squatting pan and urinal styles. In addition to increased space efficiency, the centralized vacuum and waste water tank also serves to ease maintenance. An advanced electronic control panel with a wide range of alarm, control and monitoring functions as well as robust software with built-in fault detection and trouble shooting contribute towards worry-free operation.

How it works


Vacuum panel

How it works

  • The ejector unit creates a vacuum (on flush activation on permanently)
  • The bowl is rinsed
  • Bowl contents are discharged into the central waste water tank, sucked in at high speed by the vacuum
  • Emptying central tank clears waste
    from all connected unit


Vacuum Panel

The vacuum panel featuring ejector and odor filter is a defining characteristic of the Evac 2000 system. Its purpose is to create a vacuum by removing (evacuating) air from the waster water tank. The air is then pressed through the odor filter and ejected to the outside.

Accessories and Maintenance Products

Flush water additive

Preventing lime deposits as well as blocked pipes. ENVIROCLEAN and EVAC CLEAN ECO (without biocides) are designed to improve cleanliness, performance and longevity of the entire sanitary system. During each flush, a small amount of additive is added to the water by a dosing pump.

Tank solutions

Fresh water, grey water or waste water: Based on Evac’s unrivalled expertise and experience, our dedicated engineers are up to any challenge when it comes to designing durable, cost-efficient tank solutions as well as custom-built frames with minimum space requirements.

Odor filter

Moving large amounts of air is integral to the Evac 2000 system. The odor filter makes sure that unpleasant smell is removed efficiently. Positioned next to the ejector in the vacuum panel, it filters all the air suctioned from the waste water tank.