EVAC Bus Vacuum Toilet

Clean. Comfortable. Superior

System Design

Saving Space as well as resources, this microprocessor-controlled, all-in-one unit features a local vacuum system, removing the need for a vacuum-proof waste water tank. Perfectly adapted to the requirements and high standards of modern bus travel, the EVAC Compact Bus system brings the superior technology and unrivalled experience of the world’s leading manufacturer for on-train hygiene systems to bus enviroments.

Well-established in more than 80,000 applications world-wide, Evac’s vacuum technology has many advantages over the chemical toilet solutions still found in many bus cabins. Clean, comfortable and eco-friendly, the Evac Compact’s sealed waste-water system keeps odors safely away from the cabin and removes the need for chemicals – while at the same time saving precious water. Like all Evac systems, it is easily adaptable to differen cabin designs and can be implemented with a wide range of seat variations.



Optional seat variations

How it works

  • After flush activation, a vacuum is created in intermediate tank
  • The bowl is rinsed
  • Bowl contents are discharged into intermediate tank
  • Pressure is increased to transport contents of intermediate tank to waste water tank


Accessories and Maintenance Products

Flush water additive

Preventing lime deposits as well as blocked pipes, ENVIROCLEAN/FRESH as well as EVAC CLEAN ECO(without biocides) are designed to improve cleanliness, performance and longevity of the entire sanitary system. During each flush, a scmall amount of additive is added to the water by a dosing pump.

RS Box

A reliable and precise  tool for system diagnosis and maintenance, the RS Box provides an efficient interface for initiation basic maintenance routines such as service. It also features a seven-digit display for reading out real-time system status information.

Service Terminal

With its well-designed graphical user interface, intuitive usability and fast data transfer, our terminal software makes it easier than ever to check system functionality, perform day-to-day maintenance tasks and keep an eye o all relevant parameters and strategics.