EVAC Compact

One unit. All components. Full flexibility.

System Design

Saving space as well as resources, this microprocessorcontrolled, all-in-one unit features a local vacuum system, removing the need for a vacuum-proof waste water tank. It is available with both sliding gate valve and pinch valve. Use depends on customer preferences and specifications. The customer has a choice between sit-down, squatting pan and urinal styles.

Super efficient at just 0,5 l water per flush and engineered to ensure optimum performance using small tank volumes, the Evac Compact is an excellent and economical standalone solution. Its integrated fault detection and trouble- shooting as well as super-easy installation and maintenance make it a worry-free system: The entire unit can be replaced within 10-15 minutes.



How it works


  • After flush activation a vacuum is created in intermediate tank
  • The bowl is rinsed
  • Bowl contents are discharged into intermediate tank
  • Pressure is increased to transport contents of intermediate tank to waste water tank
  • General Technical Data
  • detail-icon1Approx. 18 kg
  • detail-icon3Without seat: dim-icons_08 540 x dim-icons_03 365 x dim-icons_05 373 mm
  • detail-icon5 24 V DC (+/- 30 %)
  • detail-icon7 EN 45545
  • Consumption
  • detail-icon1Approx. 28 liter expanded air per flush
  • detail-icon4Approx. 0.5 liter per flush
  • detail-icon6 2.2 W (standby) – 12 W (operational)

Accessories and Maintenance Products

Fluid water additive

Preventing lime deposits as well as blocked pipes. ENVIROCLEAN, ENVIROCLEAN FRESH as well as EVAC CLEAN ECO(without biocides) are designed to improve cleanliness, performance and longevity of the entire sanitary system. During each flush, a small amount of additive is added to the water by a dosing pump.

Tank Solutions

Fresh water, grey water or waste water: Based on Evac’s unrivalled expertise and experience, our dedicated engineers are up to any challenge when it comes to designing durable, cost-efficient tank solutions as well as custom-built frames with minimum space requirements.

Graphical user interface

With its well-designed graphical user interface, intuitive usability and fast data transfer, our terminal softwar makes it easier than ever to check system functionality, perform day-to-day maintenance tasks and keep an eye on all relevant parameters and statistics.

Integrating Services

As the partner of choice for demanding clients all over the globe, Evac is sure to have the right answer to your needs – wherever you are: from small repairs to complex re-configuration, from customized spare-part concepts to building your own service depots. do you want to learn more? Just give us a call at

+49 4103 9168 0


  • Fast and straight-forward on-site assistance – worldwide
  • Optimum availability of all products and parts at all times
  • Tailored service concepts with guaranteed availability levels
  • Sophisticated and highly responsive logistics
  • Technical support during installation and commissioning
  • Full after-sales service including maintenance, workshops and training sessions as well as advice on cost-efficient modernization and optimization of existing systems