EVAC Urinal

Hygienic and safe

Properties and features

  • Standardized technology
  • Bowl geometry can be adapted to every project specific need
  • Space saving installation
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 50%
  • Increases train availability by reduced water amount
  • Higher capacity per toilet module
  • Supports improved hygienics


General Data








Shroud – FRP and stainless steel

Compressed air 6 – 7 bar
Voltage 24 V DC
Water max. 3 bar



Water 0.1l – 0.2 l


UIC 563, EN 50155, EN 50128, EN 61373, EN 15085, EN 60529, DIN 5510, NF F 16.101, EN 45545



Operating description

Compact System

The compact urinal design combines all necessary components in one unit. The content of the bowl flows by gravity into an integrated intermediate tank. Setting the intermediate tank under overpressure, the waste water can be transported to the main waste water tank.


E2000 System

The EVAc Urinal can be easily combined with E2000 systems. The urinal will be connected to a vacuum waste water tank, when a flush cycle is started, the inlet valve opens and the content of the bowl will be transported to the waste water tank using the vacuum in the tank.


Transfer System

Another option is to combine the urinal with an EVAC compact toilet. The waste water pipe of the urinal will be connected to the intermediate tank of the ocompact toilet. The intermediate tank will collect the waste water from the urinal by means of vacuum and transports the waste water to the main waste water tank by using pressurized air.