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Toilet MATE

The EVAC Compact Toilet can be placed into a fully adjustable toilet rack and connected to the control cabinet containing advanced diagnosis
and measuring equipment. Once connected to the control cabinet the automated EVAC TOILET
M.A.T.E. software is running a test sequence to check the condition of the EVAC Compact Toilet.
Guiding the user through each test step, the EVAC TOILET M.A.T.E software provides maintenance information and troubleshooting advice all summarized in an automatically created test protocol. Direct links to the  respective maintenance manuals as well as a test
protocol storage complete the functional range of this test equipment



  • The EVAC Toilet M.A.T.E. is a maintenance and test equipment designed
    for service workshops and maintenance facilities.
  • The control cabinet containing the advanced diagnosis and measuring
    devices and the Test PC with EVACs Toilet M.A.T.E. software enables the
    user to diagnose, record and maintain Compact Toilets.


  • Features Automatic test sequence
  • Pressure and vacuum check
  • Performance check
  • Leak tightness check
  • Water consumption check
  • Event log read-out and storage
  • Direct links to toilet maintenance


Real-time monitoring of system activities Evac’s dedicated Service and Maintenance Tool (S.A.M.T.) is the perfect way to monitor live and logged system data such as filling status of tanks, number of flushes, door functions and system events. All data is presented in a clear, informative manner (diagrams, charts and tables can be individually customized according to clients’ needs), and the event log file can be easily downloaded for further analysis, providing an ideal basis for system optimization

One central interface for service and maintenance The S.A.M.T. allows to view and adjust I/O status and parameters of the entire cabin, including the vacuum toilet itself, door gear, waste water system and heating. In case of maintenance or malfunction, service flushes, decalcification, tank cleaning and other service, test and self-repair routines can be directly activated via S.A.M.T. A system manual is embedded as standard. Tools for troubleshooting and guided services can be accessed by direct links.

Easy adaptation to different service routinesAs maintenance concepts and requirements vary between railway operators, the S.A.M.T. interface has been designed for easy adaptation to different service routines and environments. In addition to its function as the central information and service hub for the toilet cabin and all its components, the S.A.M.T. allows to view and update software versions of controllers and other system components.