Integrating Service

Outstanding support on every level

Service & Support
  • Fast and straight-forward help – whenever, wherever
  • Optimum availability of all products and parts at all times
  • Sophisticated and highly responsive spare-part logistics
  • Individual spare-part concepts and service packs with guaranteed availability levels
  • Technical support during installation and commissioning
  • Full after-sales service including maintenance, workshops and training sessions as well as advice on cost-efficient modernization and optimization of existing systems

Service Overview

  • Straight-forward and highly responsive assistance,
    no matter where you are
  • Save time, money and effort by one-stop sourcing for all your service needs
  • First-hand system knowledge and optimum availability of spare parts and components

Key Advantages

Evac services are designed to make your professional life easier:
Whenever you need us, we are there. And whatever the problem, we are sure to find a solution. In more than 40 years of field service experience, we have encountered – and mastered – just about every challenge imaginable in train sanitary systems.

For several decades, our products have set the standard for reliability, longevity and sophisticated design. Our services are their perfect match. With our highly qualified staff, our global network of partners and excellent spare part logistics, we can guarantee service levels that will meet even the most demanding expectations.

So if you are looking for an outstanding service package featuring exceptional reliability, response times and sustainability – do not hesitate to ask about our vast selection of technical services. Together we will find the perfect combination for your individual needs.

What can we help you with?
Contact us: Service Tel. +49 4103 9168 -10



Evac In-Field Service

Evac’s service and support go far beyond our warranty. Whenever a problem arises, our highly qualified and motivated staff continues to make a difference and ensures professional repairs at all times and all over the world – by pick-up or on location. Evac’s own offices in many countries and our vast network of partners and representatives are always near, and our transparent and highly efficient repair processes and certified quality management make sure that our results always match our reputation.

Evac Trainings and Workshops

To help your staff make the most of our systems, we have developed a wide range of workshops and training programs. Performed on location at our clients’ facilities or hosted in Evac’s headquarters featuring state-of-the-art technology and test equipment, our workshops run by experienced instructors who educate your staff in field-proven best practices: Valuable knowledge that helps to further reduce operation cost and downtimes by enabling your personnel to identify problems and perform routine operations on their own. During installation and commissioning, our technical trainings bring your train drivers, conductors and service personnel up to speed in no time, guaranteeing a solid level of basic knowledge about the functionality and day-to-day operation of our systems.



Evac Maintenance

The easiest way to keep your systems up and running and to uphold the value of your investment: Our maintenance services save time an d money by preventing the need for repairs. Tailored to your needs and scheduled for minimum disruption, Evac maintenance helps to keep your processes running as smoothly as our systems.

If you wish to save even more time and effort, Evac is glad to manage yourmaintenance needs for you, minimizing both interruptions and storage requirements
by optimized timing and making sure that your company is always among the first to benefit from improvements in technology and processes.

And of course, all our clients enjoy Evac’s OEM advantage: As the leading manufacturer of sanitary systems for trains, we have access to the world’s biggest repository of spare parts and components, all expertly prepared for seamless integration into your system.

Evac Refurbishment Concepts

Maximize fleet performance and economy. Maintain system value and performance at optimum levels. Find the perfect time window to integrate new technology. Plan and organize refurbishment programs or the implementation of TSI/PRM requirements: Whenever you need advice to optimize your system environment, you can count on Evac.

Our engineering experts have gained an excellent reputation as trusted partners of major railways all over the world. Educated and skilled to the highest standards,
our team’s track record in developing, optimizing and maintaining advanced solutions in the field of mobility is unrivalled. And what is mo re: We truly and deeply understand what drives rail projects.