Integrating Challenges

46 countries, Countless requirements. No Limits

Evac systems travel the world and they do so in any climate, whatever the weather. The versatility of our specially made solutions is almost legendary even operating at temperatures between minus 40 and plus 70 degrees Celsius at an altitude of up to 4.000 meters in the spectacular Tibetan railway.

Others toilet systems get catapulted to speeds of more than 370 miles per hour aboard the sophisticated Maglev train, where light weight and sturdiness are essential. Then there are many systems that brave the challenges of extremely heavy usage in commuter trains in Europe, USA Africa, Asia and Australia – All over the world.


» A new generation of passenger comfort !

In close cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, Evac developed for DB Ideenzug an innovative toilet cabin.

A concept that meets all requirements of modern train transportation.